Lingual Virtuosity

I'm tall.
I'm a Cancer.
I'm a great mind...fuck.
Muah. <3

I was craving pad thai, so I made some. There&#8217;s tilapia and crab in there as well. Soooooo yummy for a pre-workout meal! The recipe will be on my blog and the link is in my bio! :-)
I am still so dead at this lol
And just like that, I&#8217;m a babe.
I&#8217;ve had this glow for a couple weeks now. I&#8217;m starting to fall in love with clean eating! It&#8217;s doing wonders for my skin. I started week two of my detox from @smtofficial today as well and the results so far are grrreeeeaaaatttt!! Can&#8217;t wait for May 1st! Thats my last day lol
Lunchtime for me and my little sister! :-)
Here ya go, #Pantone. Orchid is the &#8220;color of the year&#8221;&#8230; Now, go get your tardy slip, cuz you&#8217;re LATE.
Oh-ho-hoooo this is gonna be so good.
Me and my little sister&#8217;s Açaí bowls! 😍😍 I had to put my foot down after her incessant requests for McDonalds and cake -___- lol